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Data Entry Service

The trend of outsourcing data entry, especially offshore, has accelerated dramatically in recent years. Key reasons include increased bandwidth, faster scanners and data processors more standardization for data transfer and the opportunity for competitive advantage created by round-the- clock business days and compressed cycle time.

Our Data Entry Division offers most comprehensive range of high quality and low cost data entry services ideally suited to high volume data-entry applications.


Data Processing

Data Processing is one of the faster growing segment of BPO industry in India, and the volume of Data Processing projects being outsourced to the country is amazing.

GlobalRoute Software Technologies Pvt.Ltd..

Covers the entire spectrum of Data Processing Outsourcing Services ranging from Data Entry, Forms Processing, Data Conversion, and Data Capture from websites, Address Cleansing, Rebate Claims, Insurance Claims Processing to Web Designing and Development through our offshore back office in India.


Data Conversion

GlobalRoute Software Technologies Pvt.Ltd.., one of the leading data entry companies, provides comprehensive data entry services and data conversion solutions to its clients using a rich pool of human resources and the latest technologies like high speed scanners and data processors to convert data from one format to another.

Besides converting your files, we will also meet your exact formatting needs through the multi-level process. The company focuses on technological innovation. We have pioneered a number of breakthroughs in device size, power consumption, measurement fidelity, and data throughput.


InDesign Pagination

Like how a tailor adorns an apparel and makes it golden textured, our experts do pagination services not only to sophisticated subjects, but also to some of the sought after Journals and Books.

We are accepting the content source files in the form of doc file, docX file, ASCII file, PDF, Tiff, hardcopy,XML … etc.

We provide pagination service in the following areas:
  • Books(STM ,fiction, Nonfiction … etc.).
  • Journals (STM, Academic/ Scholarly Journals, Trade Journals … etc.).
  • Others types such as Dictionaries, Brochures, Catalogues… etc.

We offer the following services :

  • Online Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Image Entry
  • Book Entry
  • Card Entry
  • Hand Written Entry
  • Legal Document Entry

Data Processing Tasks :

  • Structure
  • Restructure
  • Format
  • Reformat
  • Modify/Update
  • Index

Types of Data Processing services that we offer:

  • Check Processing
  • Image Processing 
  • Form Processing
  • Survey Processing 
  • OCR Clean up 
  • Data Mining
  • Data Cleansing

We have the expertise and capacity to handle your most complex, time-critical and cost-sensitive data entry and data conversion projects. In addition, we can help you to clearly define your conversion requirements and develop the appropriate conversion methods.

We provide a collection of links to utilities for the conversion of software data. Data entry process converts PDF, word processors, typesetters, all kinds of document formats, and paper into

  • XML 
  • SGML 
  • HTML & other structured formats.

Softare's we use:

Adobe In Design

  • QuarkXPress  
  • Frame Maker 
  • Arbortext 
  • Tex / Latex
  • Illustrator
  • Math Type … etc.

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